About Us - Agility Digital
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We Work Differently

We are passionate about the difference agility and digital can make

We love working with great teams to achieve their full potential

Delivering at pace and making a huge difference makes us smile

And Here’s How!

Targeted Interventions

to accelerate your own capabilities and achieve agility through digital

Outcome Focused

proven approaches for organisations of all shapes, sizes and purposes

Highly Collaborative

working with your people in defined bursts to deliver rapid value

Tailored To You

the right approach for your business and situation

Capability Growth

unleash Talent in your teams and establish lasting capabilities

What’s so special about agility and Digital?

We believe that the combination of a fully agile organisation and the best of modern digital technology opens up massive new opportunities for businesses of all shapes and sizes


Through these you can grow faster, run leaner, amaze your customers and be a fantastic place to work

Agility Everywhere!

Fully agile organisations are fast, adaptable and resilient


This is what it means to us and why we can help you succeed

What Is Agile?

Applying the Agile Manifesto to Business

Agile originated in software development,

but is now adopted business-wide for major advantage


Truly agile organizations are both stable and dynamic at the same time,

Enabling them to run faster and adapt quicker.

Agile Dos (and Dont’s)




– take manageable steps to learn what Agile takes

– accept being Agile is a mindset and a change in culture

– genuinely empower your teams & support their decisions

– explore all your people’s talents and hire where needed

– expect failures – they will be small and you’ll learn

– include customers, partners & suppliers to co-create value


– believe you flick a switch and be Agile immediately

– think an Agile coach and a few courses will do

– assume your existing governance will still work

– assume the same sets of skills will lead to agile success

– allow a blame culture when your agile teams fail

– think all the best ideas come from inside your business

Real Digital Transformation

If Digital is just about the Tech, that’s where you’re going wrong


This is what it means to us and why we can help you succeed

Applying the Agile Manifesto to Business

Digital Dos (and Dont’s)




– have massive ambition

– prioritise ruthlessly

– break it down and deliver often

– constantly engage with your customers

– use data to drive decisions at pace

– treat people as your most valuable asset


   – accept modest targets 

   – do everything at once

   – rely on long-return “big bets”

   – fail to involve customers at every stage 

   – settle for the HiPPO

   – just say people are your most valuable asset

Who We Are

We’re a small, tight team of highly experienced practitioners
who have helped many organisations through the highs and the lows of the digital revolution


We’ve combined all our talents and experience in agilityDigital to help businesses be truly agile,
brilliant at digital and achieve more than they thought possible

My focus is exploiting technology to unlock real value – fast – by being ambitious for the business and not accepting ”good enough”.
Achieving this means building great teams working effectively with everyone in a business from the Board to the front line, their customers and partners.

Charles Webb



I specialise in customer-focused change, creating customer-centric strategies and compelling cases for change.
I enjoy setting up great delivery environments, forming high performing teams and unleashing talent. I’m fascinated by culture and behaviour at the core of accelerating business performance.

Richard Napthine



I’ve been lucky to have delivered major transformation in a huge number of sectors. I work extensively at boosting collaboration between in-house teams and suppliers for rapid delivery.
I also focus on getting the right governance to ensure pace but with appropriate control. I enjoy mentoring teams to embed new capabilities and skills in people at all levels.

Shiv Desai



Delivering transformations – big or small – are what I thrive on. Key to this is a team really delivering together.
I also enjoy using my technical know-how to accelerate the value delivered by digital within organisations. I’m passionate about achieving high levels of collaboration and in growing the knowledge of teams.

Phil Curnow



Our Partners

We have formed partnerships with experts in their chosen field who compliment and enhance our services to benefit clients.


Our partners bring a wealth of experience and impressive track records in specific disciplines that help our clients on their digital journeys.

SCAD Software has a unique approach to software development.  We use a language agnostic metadata centric methodology with a framework of preconfigured building blocks to build software 75% faster than traditional software development. Delivered as a service that includes future proofing your application against changes in technology and a low risk business model , this is designed to enable our clients to free up internal resources to focus more on future innovation than maintaining existing software.


Promising Outcomes helps turbo boost your customer and employee relationships using ground-breaking diagnostics that gather fundamental expectations and measure performance against them. Our rigorous, user-friendly method reveals the truth of your relationships so you can make astounding improvements in the areas that matter most to your stakeholders. We also help you prioritise and implement the change actions that will have the biggest impact on your results.


More partners to be announced in future.