Case Study 1 – Ambitious Digital Reinvention - Agility Digital
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Case Study 1 – Ambitious Digital Reinvention

We reinvented a services organisation through digital – delivering faster growth, superb customer experiences and huge cost reductions.


Working with the top team to digitally reinvent a B2B2C business  we found significant opportunities for improving growth, efficiency and customer experience. Encouraging the team to be very ambitious and set high targets, based on what might be possible we set an aggressive timescale for the Minimum Viable Product for a new digital-first operation and provided full support for the delivery team to be able to fail fast and learn.


The delivery team was built rapidly from key people from across the business, strengthened by contractors and experts from outside. They were co-located in a great environment, provided the tools to succeed and used highly collaborative agile techniques to develop digital solutions, new customer journeys, business models and operational processes. Digital solutions included a new cloud-based microservices architecture and digital platform including Artificial Intelligence and automation.


Client and customer involvement throughout ensured that the right features were included for maximum value. As the team delivered we identified the additional talent that the business needed and recruited to build permanent capability. The business solutions were also designed in an adaptable way and became part of a blueprint for digitally reinventing other businesses across the broader group of companies of which this business was a part. 


The new digitally-driven proposition and organisation was delivered within 6 months and strengthened the business’ position in their market. It shortened the B2B client sales and onboarding duration by over 50% and an increased amount of new business conversions.


Artificial Intelligence created a better, faster experience for the clients’ customers which improved satisfaction and reduced customer drop-out rates. The improved customer journeys substantially reduced errors and problems. This together with automation all but eliminated the need for significant additional staff to resolve issues, leading to a back-office operational cost saving of over 50%.


The improvements in speed and cost also meant that the services offered could be priced more competitively and gave clients a faster result than competitors’ services. This moved the business into a new phase of growth.


The data captured by the new processes and digital systems also meant that clients received even better insights about customer traits to enable them to achieve better outcomes.