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Being Customer Obsessed – Why this is even more important now

The strict lockdowns imposed by governments around the globe have created major restrictions on what people could do, which businesses could operate and how they could operate if they were indeed allowed to. Even in the sectors deemed “essential”, businesses had to make radical changes in order comply with the stringent restrictions in place.

An inevitable consequence of this is that customers have had to change the way they access the products they need. It has opened customers’ eyes to what is possible and as a result has significantly changed customers’ expectations. Businesses are adapting to meet these changing customer expectations and behaviours and are modifying or creating new channels to satisfy them. When the pandemic is over, perhaps some of the old ways of doing business may return. However, it is inconceivable to think that many of the changes are not here to stay and indeed could trigger even more radical changes from the previous norm.

Many successful businesses are already customer obsessed, spending a huge proportion of their budgets in understanding their customer needs and behaviours. 50% of Amazon’s software is about collecting data and gaining customer insights. Businesses that do not have the data or capability to really understand their customers will be at a serious disadvantage in now analysing how their customer needs and habits have changed. Now is the time to refocus even more on understanding customer expectations and responding to them rapidly.

Really important things to do consider are:

  • Focus on these customer expectations, not just experience and satisfaction. Involve your customers even more intimately to bring valuable propositions and services to market quicker. What do customers expect in terms of the products and service they are receiving? How are you performing against those expectations and where are your biggest gaps?
  • Make the most of your people who are in contact with your customers on a day-to-day basis. Involve your front-line people in decision making at every level and across your business. Empower them to create more value for the customer wherever they can.
  • Prioritise your customers expectations using real data and insights to make decisions and provide clarity on what to focus on.
  • Combine your own digital innovators with digital partners/suppliers to shape future digital direction.

It is natural that in these financially challenging times many businesses have curtailed their spending drastically. However, there are readily available digital technologies that can enable businesses to understand their customers better, and to do so quickly and relatively inexpensively. Investing wisely to understand and serve customers in new ways will be crucial for businesses. Being customer obsessed will be even more important in the post pandemic world and businesses that embrace this will be well placed to thrive in future.

agilityDigital can help you respond better than your competitors to customers’ changing expectations. We have extensive experience in identifying how digital can create exceptional customer experiences and in helping organisations bring new propositions to market quickly to deliver rapid value. Contact us to find out more.