Digital Healthcheck - Agility Digital
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Our Free Digital Healthcheck

Increasing the Digital Health of your business will
make your business more successful and

Our Digital Healthcheck assesses your business across 5 categories and 15 different criteria.


Examines to what extent ‘digital’ is at the heart of your strategy. How customer obsessed is your company and what is the strength of ownership of Digital across your business.


Looks at the current position of your business’ technology architecture and platforms. How well are you using data & insight and how much you are exploiting automation.


Covers talent, skills & people and how your organisation compares to Digital Leaders. Also, how well do you develop partnerships to improve your performance.


Assesses how well your business is set up for modern, agile, at-pace Digital delivery. It looks at right ways of working, resources & skills needed and your level of risk appetite.


Focuses on how well your business reaps the benefits from a Digital approach. Examines how well you prioritise, make decisions rapidly and how you drive benefits.

The Digital Healthcheck is easy to complete and takes less than 10 minutes. You will receive a free personalised report with our recommendations.