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Why It Is Essential The Whole Board Owns Digital Transformation: 10 Questions To Answer

“There is no alternative to digital transformation. Visionary companies will carve out new strategic options for themselves – those that don’t adapt will fail” – Jeff Bezos, Amazon

As we enter 2021, now is the time that a business’ Digital Transformation needs to become the collective responsibility of the Board.

Digital is changing the way we do everything: as people; as consumers; as carers; as servers; as guardians. Recent events have massively accelerated our shift to using Digital  – it is estimated by McKinsey that we have made over ten-years-worth of digital adoption in only three months in 2020.

Now more than ever digital transformation must be led by the CEO and owned collectively by the board. Through the whole team’s understanding of how the connected world will impact their area, the team can capture the enormous opportunities that exist to reinvent their whole business.

Here are ten priority questions that, if assessed and answered regularly by the CEO and the top team can accelerate transformation right across their business and exploit the full potential of Digital.

  1. CUSTOMERS: How is being digitally connected transforming our customers’ behaviour, needs and expectations?
  2. PEOPLE: How best can Digital improve our employees’ experience, environment, creativity, productivity and opportunities?
  3. PROCESS: How well will our end-to-end processes adapt rapidly to changes and disruption to our business environment?
  4. PHYSICAL: How will the accelerating shift to Digital by consumers, employees, public, partners and authorities impact our bricks and mortar?
  5. PARTNERS: What new business and supplier partnerships do we need to grow and succeed in new ways in this increasingly digital and connected world?
  6. PUBLIC: How can the wealth of digital connections that exist improve our business’ contribution to society?
  7. PLANET: How can we find new opportunities with modern Digital technology to increase our contribution to a more sustainable future for our planet?
  8. INVESTORS: How are we increasing investors’ confidence that our business will thrive in a Digital world?
  9. TECHNOLOGY: How can modern Digital technologies release us from legacy constraints, speed up our time to market and differentiate our proposition?
  10. INSIGHT: How well are we accessing, connecting and exploiting the wealth of data right across our business to drive performance and results?

If you want help in answering these questions and improving your full-Board ownership of Digital, please get in touch with us at agilityDigital via LinkedIn or at info@agilitydigital.co.uk.