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How digitally fit are you? 5 focus areas to get digitally fitter

Many of us have entered this New Year wanting to get fitter – and the same needs to be true for any business in this increasingly digital world.

Covid-19 has already accelerated digital adoption by at least a factor of four during 2020. Digital transformation is the main battleground in every industry and the winners will be those who are more digitally fit. Digital leaders in any (tech or non-tech) sector outperform those less digitally capable in many metrics including customer experience, employee trust, time to market and operational efficiency.

It is essential that every business addresses the most important things to get digitally-fitter. In order to decide what to do, businesses need to assess 5 critical areas.


To what extent is digital at the heart of business strategy? How truly customer-obsessed is the company? And what is the strength of ownership of digital right across the business?


What is the current position of technology architecture and platforms? How well is data & insight driving informed decisions? And to what extent is automation being exploited across the business?


How well are skills and talent being grown to thrive in a digital-first world? How much is being made of digital to provide a flexible, safe and supportive work environment? And how effective is collaboration with other organisations to improve business performance?


How well is the whole business set up for agile, at-pace delivery? Not just for IT but any product, proposition or solution? And does the business have the right ways of working, the resources & skills needed and the right level of risk appetite?


How focused is the whole business on reaping the benefits from digital? How well is activity prioritised to maximise speed to value for customers, people and the business? And how well are decisions made to drive benefits fastest?

By addressing these areas and creating a workout plan to become more digitally fit, any business can enter 2021 with increased optimism that they will be out of the blocks – fast.

Very soon agilityDigital and SCAD Software will launch a free online digital healthcheck to help you answer these questions and get digitally fitter.

To find out how the healthcheck can help your business please book a meeting with us at: