Solutions: 1 Month - Agility Digital
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1 Month:

The right priorities, a digitally-savvy Board and fast solutions through agile thinking


Being truly Digital and realising the value needs engaged leadership and different ways of working from the Board downwards. A business’ digital transformation needs to be the responsibility of the CEO and owned collectively by the Board. We can help you achieve this.


We support your whole Board over a period of a month to help them become digitally savvy, increase their individual understanding of how digital can transform their areas of the business and increase their capability as a guiding coalition for digital reinvention.


We work individually with your Board members to identify how digital technology can transform their areas of responsibility within the business, showing what can be learnt from competitors and other sectors.


We run collaborative activities based and education sessions with the whole Board to form an effective digital coalition, taking collective decisions on the biggest priorities for your business. Finally we examine your governance and decision-making and provide recommendations to make this more informed, collaborative, effective and fast-paced.


This set of activities will result in a Board which is better equipped to work in a more agile way and exploit the full benefit from digital technology. For more about how we achieved this with a major UK retailer, read the case study HERE.

Agile Value Accelerator

Using agile techniques not just in technology but across your broader business will deliver extra value fast. This intervention is designed help you shift up a gear or three and embed new ways of working by applying agile for real and exploiting digital technologies to collaborate highly whilst physically dispersed.


To prepare for the accelerator, we work with you to identify up to six key business problems or opportunities that need to be sorted, where for some perhaps, traction or resolution is proving difficult.


Then we help you set up the diverse cross-business teams to deliver solutions to these challenges in a very different way. We work with you to identify the talents needed, work out the best people for the teams and educate them in the agile methods that they will use to create results differently and fast.


Then the real work begins – we provide the support for these newly-formed agile business teams including education and agile coaches so they learn these new methods on-the-job – it’s the best way!


The teams will quickly reach top performance and deliver solutions that they – and you – will be amazed about. This new approach to solving problems and accelerating value delivered can then expand across your organisation. For more detail on how we achieved this for a major services company, read the case study HERE


This is a one-month intensive activity where we help you define a prioritised, agile and adaptable roadmap for all your transformational initiatives including the digital shifts that have been identified in our Digital Triage.


A key part of this is taking your core proposition and work with you to create more value for customers by being smart with digital.

  • Our one-month activity is divided into four 1-week sprints.


  • The first week focuses on ruthless prioritisation that considers the whole Portfolio but focuses in quickly on the initiatives that matter – digital or not.


  • The second week includes a value-based analysis of all the digital opportunities in order to downselect those that will form the spearhead of your business’ digital pivot in terms of strong ROI and ease of delivery.


  • The third week focuses on building detailed business cases and clear objectives for the spearhead initiatives and builds a flexible roadmap for the remaining projects.


  • The final week refines the plans, secures the necessary ownership & commitment and identifies the teams and talent required to deliver.